Not 7, not 1, not half, not any!! (declaration in english)

In Clot and everywhere else… acquittal strikers!!

On June 6th 2013 the first trial will be held as a result of what happened during the general strike wich took place on 29th March 2012. More than 50 arrests were made on that day. By september 2012 the number of people arrested was over a hundred in Catalonia. Fiscal demands are high and are being presented by both the Generalitat and Barcelona City Council. They are asking for 7 years imprisonment for 3 people for overturned rubbish containers, who are claimed to have committed acts of public disorder, damages and crime against road safety.

On 29th March many people came out from their neighbourhoods and villages to protest against the labour reform wich has made things even worse than before. Due to this reform the work situation is more precarious than ever. Together we demostrated that we were not willing to accept the present crisis. We wanted to stand up to the people responsible for our current situation and show them that they are not going to make us fell guilty for what is happening. They want to take a step forward to try to reform capitalism. So far we have had to pay the price gor those people who only regard us as number and not as people. Only up to now…

In Clot as in other neighbourhoods, three people were arrested first thing in the morning. Two of them were released by the judge with charges pending and the third was admitted to prison. This person was one of six who were imprisoned between three and five weeks. They were released in the same frivolous way to await trial. Four of them are banned from taking part in day demostrations or public meetings as precautionary measures.

The blow of this repression was a consequence of the General Strike wich resulted in many arrests and raids on homes, wich was to remind the people about who was in control and to warn them against further action. Among some people were injured by police action, some were severely hurt, for instance a person has suffered loss of vision (a fact wich was repeated to Esther Quintana on the 14th November). Fortunately the Home Office was not successful when it showed photographs on the web of supposed criminal acts and were obliged to remove them after some months because of their illegality. We were not surprised that they were capable of doing that but obviously we regard it as unacceptable.

Repression is used as a mechanism to install fear and disillusionment into our lives. It is an attempt to isolate us and paralyse us of our political activities which we carry out in our daily lives with determination. They do what they like, anything goes, we are laughed at and they use legal and ilegal methods with total impunity with political aid through the media. That is to say, they use the legal system which covers the ones in power and elaborate illegal police files that are used to control our activities. Assaults by the police are carried out in police stations and in the street. Going out could result in being imprisoned, it is a fact and it is happening. What is more, we find ourselves in the situation that we could be sent to prison for 7 years for moving rubbish containers even if it is not true. In addition, you can find a long list of people form good families with absolute freedom to do or not to do as they wish, without having to pay any price legal or otherwise. They break their own laws but nothing happens to them.

We are certain that we find ourselves faced with criminalization against people who are unable to defend themselves or pay for legal aid, criminalization of poverty and people who critisize the current model of organisation of society: the capitalism.

Their strategy to continue deceiving us is simple: they are trying to create two groups fighting against each other in order to obtain good and bad, violent, and peaceful, guilty and innocent, in this way they are coursing a rift among the oppressed. They hope to divert people’s attention in order to cover up and hide their own swindles they want to make think that we are not capable of deciding for ourselves and that nothing we do will disillusion us.

What they don’t know is that opposing us and using these ways of repression only makes us stronger and more united although we still have a lot to learn, of here will arise stronger resistances. On 29th March they didn’t hit us in isolation and now we won’t respond in isolation. Because we want to make solidarity our weapon. Because we have decided to stop being alone and overcome fear. Because find us already is also a way to win.

The freedom of all the imputed is ours.

The fight, of all.

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